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7 Socially Responsible Investments to Make Now

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Warren Buffett’s grandson Howard is a Columbia University professor. He’s also a big believer in businesses creating social value by collaborating rather than competing with each other. Socially responsible investments, suggests the younger Buffett, are the way of the future.

“Truly, business interests and societal interests can be one and the same,” Howard Buffett wrote in a May 31 contribution to Harvard Business Review. “We see this in our research at Columbia University and have identified many examples where CEOs benefit their businesses by partnering across sectors with public officials, nonprofit managers, and community members.”

Buffett calls this kind of collaboration Social Value Investing, and he’s so committed to the idea that he’s written a book by this very title promoting the idea that if companies want to thrive in the future, they’ve got to deliver products and services that are more equitable and sustainable.


It’s an idea that BlackRock (BLK) CEO Larry Fink also supports, arguing that companies should deliver more than just profits. Shareholders are not the only stakeholders; companies must also make a positive contribution to society.

Socially responsible investments make investors wealthy while doing good at the same time. And these seven stocks do it better than most.

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